Curling’s Unique New Adaptation

Human Curling is the new bizzare sport you should be buzzing about.

Curler Eve Muirhead tries human curling

Curling is a well-known Winter Olympic sport. It may not be the world’s most popular sport to ever exist but its certainly not something that can be defined as obscure.

The rules are simple, slide a stone and get it into the target area. On paper it sounds simple, but it takes precision and teamwork to get the stone right into that sweet spot. Teammates sweep and brush the stone across the ice to get it into the area, however opponents can hit your stone and knock it out of the area.

Understanding all the exact rules is complicated, something even more complicated though, is what if the stones were human. That’s right, rather than sliding the stone into the zone, you slide a human. It sounds Crazy, it sounds Stupid, but it also sounds extremely Fun.

The objective is the same, only this time participants are on inflatable snow tubes and their teammates attempt to sweep the ice in front of them to get them to the target. It’s a game that could easily be played for fun and enjoyed even by the biggest of novices.

Human curling seems like it would be most fun with larger groups. Having two teams made up of close friends and  loved ones would make for hilarity when someone inevitably gets launched into the other. Picture the scene, you’ve just successfully slid your friend right in the centre of the area only to watch another one of your friends fly into them on an inflatable knocking them out of contention.

Braehead in Glasgow offer this opportunity. They have provided a lot of winter-based activities in the past such as snowboarding and skiing. Alongside this they have a laser tag, trampolining, an arena, a cinema, plenty of shops and of course eating options. The venue is well-known with plenty to offer so it is an ideal place to make this outrageous sport popular in Scotland.

Unfortunately, it is a seasonal event and operates primarily through winter. The rink closed on the 30th of March meaning that anyone in Scotland looking to try Braehead’s service will have to wait until the 26th of September before being able to give it a go.

The event was only invented in 2010 yet it has already gained some traction, particularly in the YouTube scene.

One of the biggest YouTube groups in the world, the Sidemen tried human curling out at the end of 2018. The group had 4.5 million subscribers on their main channel and over 80 million subscribers across all their channels. The video “SIDEMEN WINTER OLYMPICS” featured this sport and got almost three million views.

With huge groups like this promoting the sport it is very likely it could gain serious attention. Like many events covered by CSF Magazine, the core point of them is that they’re fun. Human curling, however, has very serious potential to grow and get a large amount of people involved. To say the sport itself could become a Winter Olympic sport seems absurd but tug of war was once an Olympic sport so never say never.

Not only that but gaming was always seen as a hobby and now there are professional Esports teams making money off gaming as well as online entertainers, like the Sidemen, making millions from playing video games.

Olympic curler Eve Muirhead gave it a go and said it was almost as much fun as real curling which suggests the sport does have some genuine potential.

The sport does not seem to have taken off yet in terms of competitive tournaments although serious investors could aim to take on the sport and try to make it a hit.

The potential is there with human curling and is for sure a wacky yet fun sport almost anyone could try out. It may be worth giving it a go as you may find a brand-new hobby you can enjoy and who knows, maybe one day if your good enough you could be competing in the winter Olympics.

By Kyle Mcleod


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