Glasgow City Mural Trail

One of Glasgow’s best attractions has been in front of you for years.

CSF Magazine: Glasgow’s Murals

So often when we travel to another country, we make a point of doing all the so called ‘touristy’ stuff. We do this because when we travel, it is nice to see the things in another country that have significance and we like to remember them.

We do this so frequently that it is easy to overlook the attractions in our own city. You may well know all of the obvious attractions in Glasgow like the Riverside Museum and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

However, the one attraction that has been in front of you in recent times is one that is spread all across the city. That is of course the Glasgow Mural Trail.

It is very easy to get used to the artwork in Glasgow because we are in and out of the city every day, whether it be for work, studies or social gatherings. However, if you stop and look at some of the amazing artwork all across these buildings you will start to appreciate our cities rich heritage.

The best thing about exploring the Murals, that are so excellently displayed around Glasgow, is that it is free. You can explore whenever you want, and you can take as much time as you want.

There is plenty of artwork all over the city that paint a modern twist on Scotland and Glasgow’s rich history. There is the modern-day depiction of St Mungo located on the High Street and right around the corner from this is artwork of St Enoch which represents how Glasgow was founded.

Both of these murals are found in the city centre trail. There are loads of Murals in Glasgow ranging from the Kingston Bridge up to Sauchiehall Street or the east end of Glasgow. However, the city centre trail is the most convenient to pursue.

The city centre trail takes you along George Street, down by the High Street, through the Merchant City and finishes off along the waterfront by the River Clyde.

Highlights of this trail are the Strathclyde wonderwall, Scotland’s native animals in Merchant City and all the famous faces you’ll see at the end by the Clutha such as Paolo Nutini, Billy Connolly and other faces who have visited the famous pub. It’s a good excuse to pop in and have a pint.

Immortalised:Billy Connolly

Along the City centre trail there are plenty of pubs cafes and shops for you to explore and refresh yourself.

The Murals, created by local artists such as Rogue-one who is one of Glasgow’s best known street artists, have been an ongoing project since 2008 which has helped brighten up the city by splashing colour over its tired looking buildings, helping to rejuvenate the city.

If you need help navigating your way around the murals, then there are maps available to do this. Looking at some of the artwork and the stories behind them is one of the most pleasant alternative activities to do around our city.

By Josh Carmichael


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