The Summoner’s

Come check out an e-sports bar that offers a night out like no other in Glasgow!

The Summoner’s is a gaming-themed bar and LAN centre that offers an experience like no other: enjoying a night out drinking while also playing your favourite games on top-of-the-range computers.

However, much like many other businesses along the Sauchiehall Street stretch, it has sadly suffered from a lack of footfall following the second Glasgow School of Art fire in June of 2018, which had left a considerable amount of the street blocked off into an exclusion zone. This coinciding with a number of roadworks had left a majority of pedestrian traffic flowing right past the bar.

Callum Reid, Events Manager for The Summoner’s, spoke about how the lack of such walk-in traffic had an effect on the business from the get-go. Reid said: “We’ve not seen as much walk-by traffic as we would like to have seen. Especially on weekend nights out, we’re seeing a lot of people, because of the way the road has been split, going away from our building instead of going past it. It’s been hurting our word of mouth a bit.”

The entrance to The Summoner’s e-sports bar.

The Summoner’s often holds many different special events each month, featuring popular multiplayer games to play such as Apex: Legends, League of Legends, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, to name a few. Also offering special discounts on nights such as MMO Madness and Student Break Night, where you can get access to the computers for a cheaper price of £16 for four hours, evidently there was a lot that these passers-by were missing out on.

Encouragingly, as the roadworks and commotion quietens down on the adjacent street, the bar has seen a steady improvement in the flow of customers, certainly positive signs for such a unique, vibrant establishment. Reid said: “We’ve seen a massive improvement since we first opened. It’s to the stage where if we have a booking in we have to put it up on [social media] so that people who would normally just walk in know that we might not have the space for that.”

So whether you are a novice to the world of e-sports and anime, or a hardened veteran of computer mastery, The Summoner’s is definitely the place to be for those interested in an alternative night out quite like no other in Glasgow’s bustling nightlife scene.

If you’re interested in booking your ticket for an upcoming Summoner’s event, then you can contact the team via the Summoner’s Facebook page.

By Daniel McMillan.


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